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Hey everyone, it’s Casey here with an update!!! Believe it or not, the wait is over, and yes, indeed, it will happen, ATTACK OF THE CHEESE ZOMBIES: PART V has begun production. We began filming the opening scene yesterday, and from what I’ve edited together, it should turn out to be classic Mac Kreker crap. Here are some stills from the opening scene of the new movie!!! Check it out!


A terrified dude runs out of a house. . .full of zombies?


Zombie movie staple: Chainsaw. . .check


What the hell is going on in this picture?

That’s all for now! Hopefully the following days of shooting will end up just as badass. I guess I just have to refine the story. . .or think of it, at least.

Stay tuned!




“Batman and Spiderman” finally seeing the light of day

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***Not proofread because it’s LATE, yo***


Our two heroes lookin' . . .good?

Hello all, sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve been bbusy with tons of other shit. Besides, after the not-that-bad “Tales of the Dojo: Chapter 7: Netherworld”, I feel like taking a bit of time off from making dumb movies and updating this site. ANYWAY, what I’ve come to tell you all now that “Batman and Spiderman” the much-anticipated sequel to 2006’s “Batman vs. Spiderman”, that was filmed last summer, is finally once again being edited.

I have to admit that after a while, I’d never finish editing this stupid movie. The story goes as such: After we filmed it, I edited the film, completing it. I had all the editing done, all the titles done. I maybe only had to mess with some audio levels and then we’d be good to go. Unfortunetely, my computer crashed for MONTHS and I wasn’t able to work on it. When my computer was saved by my tech-saavy friend, the edit had been lost. . . I would have to do it all over again.

This was something I did not particularly want to do. For a time, I didn’t feel like spending so much time on a movie that really wouldn’t be that great, because, let’s face it, it’s not going to be. This is when I was in school, and worrying much about quality and “good cuts” and all that good stuff. While I still think those are important as hell, they aren’t important with the videos you make with your friends. Maybe that’s the problem I always had with our previous movies. . .I just could not understand why no one enjoyed them. Now I’ve learned that things have to be made well in order to appeal to an audience who wasn’t there laughing their asses off the day of the shoot. Now that I know this, though, I can finally finish “Batman and Spiderman”.

Another reason I didn’t want to re-edit this movie is because I would have to do it on Windows Movie Maker, which is like the most terrible thing in the world. After getting a taste of Final Cut Pro on the Macs here at school, I just couldn’t go back to Windows Movie Maker. . .it’s just. . .horrendous. After many technical problems, I am FINALLY able to edit “Batman vs. Spiderman” in Avode Premiere, an excellent film editing program. Fuck WMM. . .thank goodness.


See? There it is in glorious Adobe Premiere Pro

So yea, I thought I would just give you all an update and say HEY, “BATMAN AND SPIDERMAN” IS COMING! I know I’ve said this many times before (I even promised it’d come out at the end of October last year), but this time I mean it.

Expect to arrive on YouTube shortly. . .as for other projects going on. . .could I perhaps make a Zombies 5 and finish off the series. . .hhmmm. . .more on that later! But now. . .sleep. . .


Casey of Mac Kreker Films

Tales of the Dojo: Chapter VII: Netherworld

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Tales of the Dojo 7 Behind the Scenes

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The nearly dead corpse of Mac Kreker Films rises once again! I am happy to inform all of you (no one) that there have been some interesting new developments here at Mac Kreker Films. First off, I found the footage for “Batman and Spiderman” and am re-editing it in Final Cut Pro, NOT Movie Maker. Movie Maker sucks terribly, Final Cut is awesome. So yea, Batman and Spiderman WILL come out some time. . .some time. . .I don’t know when, though.

In other Mac Kreker business, there is to be a new “Tales of the Dojo” film, the seventh in the series, that is sure to be as terrible as the other ones. This will also be edited on Final Cut Pro which is super w00t!
For a sneak peak of Tales of the Dojo: Chapter VII, check out this behind the scenes video!!!!

2010 Update

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I’ll just call this update “2010” Update, because who knows if I will update again this year? At my current rate, we’ll get another Twitter post at the end of the decade. . but I don’t do Twitter.

So by now I bet you (no one) are wondering “Where the hell is ‘Batman and Spiderman'”, the amazing sequel to “Batman vs. Spiderman”? Well, it’s a post-production coma, so to speak. It was nearly done. Only the credits needed to be finished. Then, my hard drive crashed. I couldn’t believe it had happened to me. About a week ago, we recovered the editing file and tried to relink the media. None of my clips relinked. Basically, for those non-editing-lingo-saavy people, I might have to re-edit the whole thing, which isn’t really something I want to do. If re-editing the film is the case, I would wait until I am back at the university to do so on Final Cut Pro, and stop using the shittiest program ever, Windows Movie Maker. Talk about a program that works against you.

So yea, once “Batman and Spiderman” is finished, or miraculously retrieved somehow, and released, I have no idea what will be released next. As I have said in previous posts, my lust for movie-making has somewhat subsided. Sure there will some films that I have to make for my classes, but I don’t forsee any future films, accept a couple of joint projects jumping around.

I won’t reveal that much (because we don’t really know much about them), but one of them is an action movie, and the other would be a slasher. Perhaps I didn’t make any films last semester because 1) Mac Kreker regular Mark Janiak was not here. He’s busy studying abroad in Europe and 2) I had 22 units. That’s kind of a lot, and man, did I feel it. Now that I will be a lot more free this semester, maybe we’ll make a movie or two. Shit, we could probably at least make a shitty Tales of the Dojo.

We’ll make something, at least. So yea, “Batman and Spiderman” WILL come out sometime. . . not making a promise this time.

Hope you all had a happy new year and keep watching!


Casey of Mac Kreker Films

October Update

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***not proofread at all because when I am dead, no one will care if this article was proofread or not. Thx, Casey***

Hello everyone!!

Casey here again with another update! Yay? I am reporting simply because it’s a new month, but sadly, I have nothing to report. 😦 “Batman and Spiderman”‘s post-production crawls like a snail towards completion. Like I said before, my love of editing has nearly died, and I only work on “Batman vs. Spiderman” like once a week for a couple hours. Alright, alright, I PROMISE you (all fucking two of you fans out there) that I will be done with “Batman vs. Spiderman” by the end of this month. I PROMISE. So there, we’ve made a deal. “Batman vs. Spiderman,” done by the end of October. w00t for all of us.

As for any other projects on the horizon, I can honestly say that there aren’t really ideas brewing. I mean, sure, there are some, but now my movie-making efforts or more geared towards my classes and developing ideas that I might actually try to sell to a studio. Are the days of messing around with zombie make-up over? I can’t be too sure. There is always time for those types of movies, but now I have to act professional, and that’s kind of weird to me. When Mac Kreker Films began in 2002, I wouldn’t have said anything of the like. I would have told you that movies can be anything, and that the movies I make with my friends are great and that we don’t want to impress anyone and we want to do our own thing and so on and so on. . . .While I still think this is true, I understand now that those movies aren’t really appreciated by anyone else but you and your friends, and there comes a time when you want to entertain more people.

So yea, you might be seeing some more “serious” work from now on. I know I’ve said that before and then gone straight to making “Blood Bread” or “H.O.E.S. 2” or whatever, but really, I just don’t see a place for those silly movies in my future. Now that I am nearing closer to the real world of making movies, no one will be impressed by shaky-camera-improv movies. Really, they won’t. So I can’t really do that anymore. Maybe down the road I’ll make a couple silly ones to keep me from being a square, I mean, hey, even Picasso drew stick figures and shit when he was old. (He also painted scores of masterpieces, but let’s ignore that part.)

So yea, that’s my update for this month. If something comes up, I’ll tell you, if not, then just sit tight and wait for “Batman and Spiderman” to come out. I hope our lack of content isn’t dissatisfying you fan(s).

Take care and stuff,

Casey of Mac Kreker Films

September Update!!

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Hello there, and sorry for not updating in quite some time. The truth is, there is not much going here at Mac Kreker Films. “Batman and Spiderman”, the sequel to 2006’s “Batman vs. Spiderman“, is still being edited. Or, to put it better, I started editing it and haven’t worked on in hella days. I don’t know why, but for some reason, my appreciation for editing has dropped incredibly. What I once found fun and interesting I find tedious and well, time-consuming. Perhaps my editing class this semester will rejuvenate my editing desires, but we’ll see.

Having an editing class can mean only one thing: school is back in session. Yea, back in Monterey area for another year of college (hopefully the penultimate), but this time I have gotten away from the petty G.E. classes and am dealing with nothing but film, which is pretty nice. Being in film classes might also lead to many little movies here and there to keep you all entertained, which is also pretty good, I guess. Sorry this update kind of sucks, but I am hungry and wondering what to make for dinner. Sandwiches are good, but I am digging some spaghetti. . .but then I’d have to buy a casserole dish. . . .damn. . .

Before I leave for the store, I want to bring attention to a new film called “Legion.” According to wikipedia, the plot of “Legion” is so:  “After God loses faith in humanity, the archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) is the only one standing between mankind and the apocalypse.” Hmm. . .devilish things threatening the world? The arch-angel Michael comes to Earth to help some people rid of these demons? Where have I heard this story before. . .? THIS SOUNDS JUST LIKE ANTIKHRISTOS!!!! I know that Hollywood has resorted old TV shows, children’s books, and comics for ideas, but have they really started scouring YouTube and Mac Kreker Films for more AWESOME ideas? Pssh.

Haha, no, just kidding. I am pretty sure that Hollywood did not watch Antikhristos (well, I’m pretty sure no one did) and steal the idea. The movie looks “whatever”  anyway. Haha.

So yea, hold in there, dear fan(s). Content is coming, but (sadly) at a snail’s pace. It’s just I have been more interested in working in other media (music, writing) but no worries, ‘”Batman and Spiderman” will come out before the end of the year. . .I think. .


Casey Poma of Mac Kreker Films